Thursday, May 1

Something Dangerous That Looks Safe & Innocent

Today, I am at home with my youngest son because he is sick. Since I have all this extra time on my hands, and since I'm new to the blogging community, I decided to take a look around the net and see what was out there. One of the sites I discovered was pretty cool. It was an older woman (by her own admission), she had scripture and a little devotional, quotes, and even recipes. I thought, Wow, this is diverse and interesting as well. But as I continued to scroll through her postings I was shocked to find that below one her "devotionals" was what I would consider a dirty joke complete with cuss words! I was immediately appalled. I was also reminded of another incident much closer to home than some stranger on the Internet.

As I began to ponder these two incidents, I discovered that I have a great disdain for something dangerous that looks safe and innocent. I find it incredibly disgusting that in one sentence you talk about God and all the blessings he gives you and the promises he has for you and in the next sentence you are slinging around cuss words and vomiting bitterness.

I certainly don't profess to be perfect. (Well, sometimes I do, but I really am just joking!) And I absolutely understand that we all have issues; issues that need to be fixed by the power of God. But, WOW, cuss words and dirty jokes? I mean sometimes we act so much like the unchurched, it's hard to tell we are "the church". Why on earth would anyone want to be a part of the Kingdom of God if there's not any difference between us and them?

Maybe we should take time and examine our lives. Do we do what the unchurched do and yet say we're "the church"? "Come look at me, be different, be changed." And yet there's really not anything different about our lives compared to theirs.

Do you truly have peace? Do you have joy? Do you have hope?



Pastor Pat said...

Preach on!! Preacher on!!

sassy chic said...

I love the picture!