Wednesday, April 30

Who's talking to you?

So here I am involved in this battle. I have two thought processes working and I can't figure out which one I'm supposed to follow! Tonight, right at this very moment, I'm not really sure if there is really a right or wrong. That's what really keeping me in a tizz. Being the black and white person that I am, gray areas really annoy me. I know it's possible to just have a different opinion and not actually be right or wrong, but black and white works so much better for me!

The scripture that comes to mind is "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial." So can I use that to bring balance to my thoughts? If my decisions are leading me down a path that is beneficial and goes along with the guidelines that God has me working in right now, then maybe I can put to rest the condemnation that assaults me.

I know that is what is truly at the basis of this battle I am involved in. Are my thoughts condemnation or conviction? I am beginning to believe they are condemnation, but I do not want to be to quick to pass judgment on myself and then discover that I am on a path I do not want to be on!

So the question for all to consider is this...Have you been too hasty in your self-evaluation only to discover that things are not in their proper balance? Maybe you should stop and re-evaluate!

Tuesday, April 29

oops...did you really mean to say that??

Tonight I was confronted by an angry Mom. It really rattled my cage. My day has not went so well to start with. I made really bad choices this morning as an Administrator. Ones that I seriously had to apologize for. Then during my "down" time I still was making bad choices, at least I didn't have to apologize for those choices. During the evening hours I worked really hard to get a grip and chill out and next thing you know, just as I thought it was all winding down and coming to a close, I'm faced with another choice. Thankfully this time, I also do not need to apologize for my actions. At least I held my tongue and used a little bit of wisdom.

This morning after I lost it, I prayed and asked God what He was trying to show me. And now here I am again shortly before bedtime wondering, "What are you trying to say to me God???" The easy thing to do would be to look at the people around me who are causing me to lose it and blame them. :) Now that makes me feel happy!

...the problem with that, is that kind of happiness will only last until the next bump in the road. And who knows, that could come tomorrow morning before I even head out the door!

Years ago I used to pray for God to grant me wisdom. I truly desire to make good choices; more than that, I desire to make wise choices. I can see that today, I have failed in the area of wisdom and I let my (stinking) self get the better of me. BUT, to quote Marilda, on Anne of Green Gables, "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes". Tomorrow, I will make better choices and I will not allow my own selfish desires to overcome me.

God, please grant me the wisdom I need to make choices that will please You and that will build Your kingdom and not mine. Please renew me and refresh me as I sleep so that I can wake up with a fresh start and a fresh word from You. I love you...Trudy

Monday, April 28

treading new waters...

I did it! Today I submitted a Letter to the Editor to our local newspapers. I have never done anything like this before, but I have decided it is past time to take a stand. I have spent two days researching, reading, making phone calls, no avail. It seems like there's nothing I can do to stop a parent/school board member from making threats to our coaches and administration.

I did request copies of minutes from the Board of Education and read the documentation of his exploits. Threats to kill coaches, "fight" the superintendent, and threats to remove coaches all because of lack of playing time for his son. Can you say WOW? It really is quite unbelievable.

But what I find even more unbelievable is that the State of Oklahoma does not have any kind of provision to have this man removed from our school board! Is that shocking or what??

I have determined that I am going to stand up for my community. I will not stand by and allow this man to bully our coaches and administration. Even if my hands are tied in all the legal ways, I can still pray. I can still pray that somehow God will intervene and take care of this for us.

Standing for my community...

Sunday, April 27

My Friends Brad & Holly

This is my favorite pic of Brad & Holly. They are so funny! I had so much fun watching them prepare for Prom 2008. Brad fussing over his tux and how on earth he was going to match Holly dress. Holly trying to find just the right earrings. It was a ball dressing up and looking classy...which they both do very well I might add!!

Mr. Perfect & Ms. Determined I hope you enjoyed every moment. :)

Saturday, April 26

The Princess Bride

I hate this movie! It is my husband's favorite movie. He can quote it from beginning to end.

Surely there's someone out there that shares my opinion. I've heard about all the sites for great movie quotes and many of those include The Princess Bride. But is there someone out there who hates this movie just like I do!!

ROUS's how ridiculous is that?