Monday, June 28


Friday my 10 year old nephew was diagnosed with ALL type T cell. (I think I wrote it correctly). Friday was stressful waiting for the diagnosis, the weekend has been surreal (as my brother put it).

This just isn't the kind if thing that's supposed to happen to people you know much less your own family. This is the kind of thing you see on TV happening to strangers.

I cried Friday and Saturday with just a single thought. But today is getting a little better, I didn't get teary eyed until I started texting my brother about the details of Garrett's procedures today.

Today they are checking the bone marrow, doing a spinal tap and putting in the injection port for future chemo, transfusions, etc. Assuming all goes as the drs suspected, they will start chemo today.

I just can't believe this...I just don't want to believe this... :-(
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Thursday, June 17

Camry's getting new batteries!

We'll be just two months short of making 6 years. That's how long her battery lasted. So assuming she lives to be 85, Camry will have had 12 pacemakers by then!! (How much you wanna bet they figure out have to have even longer lasting batteries by then?)

Anyway, we just saw here heart doctor on Tuesday and the decision has been made to go ahead with the replacement "generator". She is fine, still has no restrictions, she's even playing softball for the first time since 7th grade when she broke her ankle. The leads to her heart are working well and everything else is looking good, just a matter of when the juice will actually run out. Guesstimates are another 60 days. So we decided to have it done this summer with the doctors approval of course.

If you think of Camry on July 29th we would appreciate the prayers. We are to arrive at 8:30 and the procedure will begin around 10:45. The original placement only took an hour and a half, so I'm thinking this time it shouldn't take more than 30-45 minutes since they're just switching out the generator.

God has been so very good to us. I never take technology for granted; without it Camry would unlikely even be living today. Thank you God for giving the doctors the wisdom they needed to repair Camry's heart. Thank you for watching over her all these years. Thank you for keeping your hand on her every day. Now and in the future. Your such a GREAT God. :-)