Saturday, November 29


In preparation for decorating for Christmas we needed to get some junk out of the way. So yesterday was spent reorganizing and getting rid of junk.

I have discovered that I have become way to forgiving when it comes to stuff in my house. I pretty well let the entire family do what they want with whatever they want. They never put their junk in their rooms. I decided this past week, that I have had enough. I personally declared war. Of course this means everyone thinks I'm being a hag, which is ultimately my fault, but they're just going to have to get over it. :-) Their stuff is going to their room.

I'm sooooooo tired of my house being junked up. Of course, we can make the same application for our spiritual lives. When we finally get sick of our lives being junked up, we declare war and do some serious cleaning out. Maybe you need to declare war with me!!

Friday, November 28

Decorations Everywhere!!!

Yeah!!! I'm so excited!!! We get to decorate for Christmas. It's soooo much fun. Today we'll be dragging out all the Christmas decorations and putting them in place. I've been working on the church decor since Monday and we're almost finished there. Pastor John always has to put up with my brilliant ideas. I come up with something and he gets to figure out how to make it happen. Poor Pastor John.....

So on with the show....lucky for Pastor John he's off today, too bad for husband cause that means he gets to figure out how to make all my bright ideas look great. It's sooooo much fun decorating for Christmas......

Thursday, November 27

It's Thanksgiving!!

You know what that means? It means Christmas is just around the corner!!! Yea!!!! I'm so excited.

Now, far be it for me to downsize the Thanksgiving Holiday. And it's not that I'm not thankful. I am. I have lots and lots to be thankful for. It's just that Christmas thrills me. Like way down deep inside. I love the Christmas spirit.

Christmas is the one season of the year that is focused on Jesus. I know, there are many out there who would argue that "they're trying to take Christ out of Christmas". But whatever with their negative outlook. So what if "they" are? Whoever "they" is!!

"They" cannot take away the Christmas spirit. You know, that feeling you get when you watch a family who is down and out get blessed. That feeling when you walk in a room decked out with Christmas decorations. That feeling when the family sits down to read the Christmas story. And what about the feeling when you think about Santa and what he represents? (no, we don't believe Santa is real, but in my opinion Santa is a real part of Christmas!!) And of course there's the feelings that come with having the family home, together in one place. There are so many things to be thankful for during the Christmas season.

So, for me, Christ will never be taken out of Christmas. He is Christmas. Without Jesus, it's just another day, just another gift.

What's one of your favorite "feelings" at Christmas?

Here's another one of mine. I love to spend Christmas at the lake. I always hope to be snowed in the day after we arrive and then let it be melted off by the time we leave!! :-) All the Christmas lights sparkling off the water. The snow glistening. Fireplace glowing. Ahhhhh...what a lovely time of year....

Friday, November 21

Too much fun...

What an incredibly exciting day. I just don't know how much more exciting it could get. I just found out that we have three choices to provide heat to our house this year.

Repairs to our more than 20 year old unit--$1200

Brand new unit--$4750

Space heaters--$400

Needless to say, my husband is totally stressed out about this whole situation. But hey it could be worse. We could not have options at all. We could be going without heat all together right?

So what would you do?

Thursday, November 20


Some time ago, I suggested a blog to my readers, In The Throne Room. Today I just wanted to say how this woman, Gigi, amazes me. She has such a sweet spirit, it just emanates from her blog. I don't know how she accomplishes this, but she does!

She recently lost her husband to cancer (just over a week ago). And although she is not saying much in her blogs, that same sweet spirit is still there. My spouse is still living, so I have no idea what she must be experiencing, but I can try to imagine the heartache she must feel. And yet even in the midst of what I assume must be very painful she continues to exude peace.

Of course I know she finds her peace by looking to God and believing his word. I also know not everyone in this world does that. I was looking at some of the atheist blogs yesterday and happen to read about someone dying and the post/comments were so bitter and bland. Even though an atheist wouldn't even consider looking to what they call our imaginary friend. I am so thankful I choose to believe in the One True God. There is nothing in all the world that could convince me He doesn't exist and He doesn't love me. I believe my friend Gigi, even in her time of sorrow, would say the same thing.

Have a great day!

Gigi--we are praying for you!!

Tuesday, November 18

For those you who don't know, my husband and I are Sr. Pastors, and this past Sunday was Pastor Appreciation. Now, I know, you're saying November?? Huh? Pastor Appreciation is in October!! But that's okay. We were actually the ones to postpone it. Events that were out of the control of anyone but God didn't make Pastor Appreciation very appropriate during the month of October for us at Gateway Church!! So, we postponed it until this past Sunday. :-)

It was really nice, several people gave us cards expressing their appreciation as well as gift cards for us to go on a date (which is ALWAYS a great deal!). They also spent time during the Sunday morning service taking turns passing the microphone and those who wanted to, could tell us why they appreciate us. As our associate said, it doesn't take much to make me boo-hoo, but Pastor Pat crying, that a whole different deal. He said their goal was to make him cry as well (hehe), and cry he did. It's very moving and humbling to listen to person after person talk about how God has used us to affect lives in a positive way.

Thank you to each one who expressed their appreciation in any way big or small.
We love you.

It didn't work out so well!!

My son's team ended up losing their final game. So they are officially runner-up in our conference. But it's all good. My son just enjoys playing. He did jamb his thumb and he's been fussing about it, but I'm not too worried. Basketball is around the corner and I have no doubt that a little thumb injury won't be remembered too much longer!!

Saturday, November 15

My oldest son...

My son's football team has progressed to their final game for the season. They even call it the Superbowl! I think the name is ridiculous, but hey, whatever, it's nothing to get worked up over.

Logan does a great job in his position. He's a real asset to the team. I very proud of him for working hard and giving it his best effort. Here in our town they start playing football in the 2nd grade. Patrick and I feel that is entirely too young to start playing football, so we didn't allow him to begin playing until he was in the 5th grade. Considering this is only his 2nd year to play he's really doing a great job.

Good luck to the team and I'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, November 14


We are finally getting my house painted. It's been in the middle of the project for a over a year now. (What can I say?) :)

We are to the point of painting the trim, which of course is the time consuming part, but if the weather will hold out for us we'll get the job done next week.

Thanks to all who have had a part in this project, even though it's taken forever to get it done, we appreciate your help now and all the way back to when we first started. Your sacrifice of time and effort hasn't gone unnoticed!

Wednesday, November 12

I am.......SUPER MOM! ! ! !

Yes, that's right. Just look to me, I can do it all. And above all else I have perfect children. If only you could all be like me....

...POP! BOOM! BANG!...

That was Utopia exploding. :-o If only I could be Super Mom.

Today I struggled with doing the right thing. I believe in setting boundaries for my kids and so all my children have boundaries. Today I wanted to bend the boundaries to protect my poor precious perfect child who was obviously being singled out. Oops...slipping again! :-) So yes, I wanted to bend the rules, help my kid out. You know, step in and do what my child couldn't do. It was all I could do, to not step in and "help out". All it would have taken was a little encouragement from the wrong voice.

But thankfully, I had good counsel, and opted to keep my mouth shut and just get through it. My child will get to learn a valuable lesson on "Life's not Fair 101" and I get to learn that teaching my child "I will fix it for him/her" isn't really helping them at all. It hurts them in the long run. In the long run, when my child can think through their problems themselves and be proactive I will be busting buttons because of how proud I am of my "independent, selfless, and mature" children.

Monday, November 10

The new job

It's been three months now since Patrick started his new job. He has traveled more the last three months than he's traveled probably in the last year maybe year and a half!! That has been hard on me. I have never liked it when he travels, but I have learned to accept it. And yet, it still gets under my skin when he has to be gone so much!!
But on to other things. Patrick is very happy and that makes me happy. :-) Seating Concepts is very good to Patrick, and for that I am quite pleased. In December I get to go to Chicago with Patrick for three days. He will work in the office, I will chill at the hotel!! The office Christmas party is scheduled during Patrick's time there, so I am looking forward to that. I will get to meet the other wives and build some relationships there. It should be fun.

Of course, I always love Christmas. Emotionally, it's such a warm and cozy time, and I love that. There's nothing like Christmas time!!

Wednesday, November 5


I finally posted the pics on my daughters broken nose go here to see them!!

I hate politics...

have I said that before? I think I have!

Just in case any of you out there forgot this about me, I thought I'd remind you!!


Monday, November 3

Here we are at a turning point for our nation. The results of tomorrows election will tell all. I have a peace about my future no matter which man is elected. Although I have a firm opinion about which one I believe should be elected, I know that regardless of the outcome the One True God is in control.

There is a peace in knowing the One True God personally, that those who do not know Him can never find that peace. I invite you today to get know Him. Let Him inside your innermost being. You may surprised at the outcome!

(If you don't know Jesus Christ personally just pray and believe the following prayer!)

Jesus, I know that everyone has sinned, and I am a part of that. Please forgive me of my sins. I believe you died on the cross for me. I accept your gift of salvation. Be the Lord of my life beginning right now. Amen.

Now tell someone (you can even send me an email :->) and begin enjoying a life that has a peace that goes beyond our human understanding!