Thursday, May 21

2 days in a row. And things are looking great for today. It's going much better this time!!! And I'm close to reaching the 2nd of my original goals. Under 300. Can't wait for Friday's weigh in! It will be close!!!!

Monday, May 18

Back on track???

Well, I'm not sure if I'm back on track, but I do know I was at the gym today and burned over 1400 calories. I haven't forgotten I set a goal to do this for two weeks and hopefully today was day 1!!!

I have struggled terribly to get back in the gym. It is a constant battle everyday. I have more and more people pushing me which I need badly. Sometimes even with them pushing me I have still chosen not to workout. It has been a very dark time in my journey toward better health.

But even with all the negative, I'm happy to say today was an easy comeback. If tomorrow goes as well, getting back on track might come easy this time! :-)

Sunday, May 3

Joico Hair Show

Camry had the opportunity to audition for a hair show this weekend and she was chosen to be one of 3 models for Joico products. It has been a really long weekend requiring us to get up around 5:00 am both Saturday and Sunday. I know how it is when you work all weekend, this week is going to feel weird. We are, of course, accustomed to attending church on Sunday, but this was an exception, and not being in church on Sunday is going to make everything feel weird. But enough about me, let's talk about Camry!!

She had the time of her life!! This was her first paid job as a model. It wasn't tons of money, but it was tons of fun. :) She'll be able to use her paycheck to invest back into her modeling career by having some head shots since she now has a portfolio!! (I'm excited about that!!)

Joico's Artist is from Long Island, NY. Her first name is Stella and we LOVED Stella. She is awesome. We also got to meet Robert who is from Dallas, he worked with 3 other models using ISO products. (Robert is also an awesome Artist.) Here's Camry's start picture...

This started several hours of getting beautiful and bonding with the other models, Joico advisers, and of course the awesome Artists, Robert and Stella. They did something called prelightening. When this was finished, Camry's hair was a beautiful golden yellow blonde. ( I thought Camry was going to flip out at this point, of course, it was simply phase one and only a step in the process, but Camry couldn't figure all that out and was really, really nervous!! I just smiled and told her not to worry...) I will have to admit that Camry should never choose this as a final color, she does look hideous in those lovely warm colors!!

Do you see the "Oh my goodness what have I got myself into?" look in her eyes??? I can. She was thinking she would be a hot, gorgeous, blonde and at this point she's thinking I'm a not so hot gold-i-locks. YIKES!!!

She hates this particular picture. She'll be completely annoyed with me posting it, but it just shows what an incredible job Stella did. Now don't you dare jump to the end to see the finale`....

btw...this is Jessie, she is a Joico adviser. Also a very awesome person. She did lots to help Stella out with all three models and she also helped Camry out with her make-up for the stage.

After the golden blonde was dry, there was a waiting time while Stella worked with the other two models. Then they moved on to more foiling and applying the toner. It was really quite amazing. I get my hair and nails done a lot and although I'm certainly no expert, I learned some really good information I can't wait to pass on to my hairdresser (Joico has some really neat products! Yeah! I can't wait to try them!!)

Here's Stella and Jessie both working on Camry. They were applying the toner at this point. Getting rid of all that beautiful gold. Ahhh, that's too bad! :-( j/k
After processing it was a matter of shampooing, (and I learned a new term), "blowout", flat iron, more flat iron, flat iron again and then just a bit of cutting. Then we were sent off home to get some black clothes, get some sleep, and then head back to Tulsa the next morning. It's about an hour and half, so it made for a very early Sunday morning since we had to be back at the hotel where the show was being held at 7:00am. It was nice for Camry, she had strict instructions not to wash her hair. Don't do anything to it. She was also to come with only foundation and in casual clothes. She rolled out of bed at 5:20 and was ready to go in about 10 mins. If only I could have slipped on a hat and a pair of sweats. 10 mins would have worked for me too!!

Sunday, 7:00 am arrived and we were at the hotel. It was off to the prep room to get ready for the big presentation. More cutting and flat ironing, and flat ironing, and flat ironing. A little more cutting, one more flat iron and OKAY, you can do make-up now!! On with the stage make-up, smokey eyes and lipstick with a pop. It was great fun and Camry loved every minute of it. The following are the end results. Enjoy!! I'm sooo proud of Camry--she's doing a great job.

One final thought...a huge thanks to all the people with ISO/Joico. They treated my daughter very well...she can definitely work for them again!! It was truly our pleasure. :-)