Friday, September 4

goal met!

I've been pretty hesitant to post this, but today I finally decided it's really true. I have really done it!! I have officially hit 300 pounds. which mean over the last 6 months I have lost 17 pounds. Not the significant loss I was looking for, but it's absolutely better than gaining!!!!

I've been toying with 300 for 2 weeks now, but I wouldn't post about it because I was sure it was too good to be true!! (Oh ye, of VERY little faith!!) But after 2 weeks, it must be true. I'm now anxious to get below 300 and stay there; which is my next short term goal.

Looking forward to positive results. Ready. Set. GO!

Wednesday, September 2

Camry's Modeling

We've had some exciting news about Camry! She attended a closed audition last week and got the call back. Very exciting!! this November she will be attending an exclusive expo in Dallas where she will get to audition in front of national companies. This is a really BIG deal. If you think of Camry over the next few months please pray for her. Camry has decided that she would like to have a career in the fashion/entertainment industry and this expo could be a defining moment for her!