Thursday, February 26

Game Over Thanks for Playing

My dream of television fame died a horrible death last night!!

Just kidding! I did audition for Biggest Loser at the open call in OKC, but did not get a call back. So I spent the next 4 days making a video to send in. Somehow, someway my video files got corrupted. I'm pretty good on a computer and I truly have no answer as to what on earth happened, so I'm taking it as a very clear answer that ends with a closed door!!

I had been in a dilemma as to whether or not I was to continue on this quest and go to Dallas to audition again and deliver my video with the long application. So I concluded last night when my brother couldn't fix the video either that I had my answer. I am okay with it, it's been an interesting experience, full of casting directors and filming jargon.

So here's to The Biggest Loser, thanks for giving me the opportunity and introducing me to world I didn't even know existed!!

Wednesday, February 18

The biggest loser audition

I've decided to audition for The Biggest Loser! It is this Saturday and I'm pretty nervous. I watched the show last night and all kinds of voices were screaming at me that I could never do those things and why bother, I won't win the game any way!

I choose not to listen to those voices. This is something I really want to do. I have been focused on a healthier lifestyle for several years and though I have made some progress I have not made significant progress. The Biggest Loser will give me the opportunity to make significant progress. I'm going to give it my very best, that's the most I can give. If my very best doesn't get me on the show, then it just wasn't meant to be.

I'd appreciate a prayer or two if you think of me this week. This is definitely pushing me outside my box, but I feel confident about my decision and I'm looking for positive results. :-)

Monday, February 16


My husband's father passed away on Saturday. Here are somethings I find odd:

We have not seen or spoke to him in several years...

His current wife couldn't even prepare an obituary because she didn't even know where 2 of the brothers lived...

The "boys" (there are 4 of them) aren't sure if they want to have a memorial service...

It all seems a little strange to me. I can't relate to any of it....

Thursday, February 12

Update on Camry

It's been 10 days since her Ablation and she's doing great. The incisions have healed up nicely. It's a little difficult to tell whether or not the flutter was fully corrected since Camry was asymptomatic to begin with. We return to her Dr. in late March, they will be able to check her pacemaker and find out whether or not she's been having any more atrial flutter. Until then, I am looking forward to better days. My desire for Camry was for this procedure to change her quality of life and I am anxiously awaiting for those signs to appear!

Thursday, February 5

All is well

We are home. Camry will be going to school today. She went to youth group last night and did fine, so hopefully she'll be good at school as well. She's missed out on 3 days of work and that always makes her feel pressured as she hates to miss school!

I decided not to return to work until today. I started out with plans to return yesterday, but I'm just plain tired! I feel more rested today than I did yesterday, I am thankful for that. We'll hit the road running again today. Life must go on!

Thank you God for protecting Camry during her surgery and recovery time. You are such a good God. Thank you for taking care of her always...I love you.

Tuesday, February 3


Last night (Monday) was a rough night coming off the anesthesia. She was nauseous until after midnight, throwing up several times before that. It was sooooo exciting---NOT.

Beyond that she is doing well. They unhooked the IV. She still has a hep lock (sorry, don't know the correct spelling for that!), and is moving very slow. But we are thankful she's moving. Hopefully she can eat this morning and hold something down. If all goes well we should be dismissed early afternoon.

Patrick slept at the hotel last night while I stayed at the hospital. We switched around 7:30 and now I get some blessed uninterrupted sleep. The hotel has been generous and allowed us a late check out.

so for now...goodnight!