Friday, July 31

off to General Council '09

We leave tomorrow for a 2 day trip to Orlando. I'm looking forward to it, it will be lots of fun. Everything is ready, we just need the clock to catch up with us and we'll be off!

Good times will be happening in Orlando. We will get to see one of the youth compete and we are expecting him to do very well. He's an incredible guitar player. The other youth are participating in an inner city missions outreach for 3 days. And Patrick and I get to go to a leadership conference. We're really looking forward to that.

Of course, we are in Orlando, and there will be some down time, it won't be rush, rush, rush for Patrick and I, so maybe a trip to the beach will be in order at some point! And the youth will be going to Sea World for some fun as well.

Good times, good times....

Tuesday, July 28

Phone Meeting with Mark Batterson

Patrick and I just finished a phone meeting with Mark Batterson. It was a little awkward since we've never met, but after getting past the weirdness it was very good conversation. Patrick is writing a book and Mark is already published, so Patrick asked some questions there and got some really good info. We also had a bit of time to talk about leadership skills, sabbaticals, and then touched briefly on multi-sites there in Washington, D.C.

I like the flow of information that God is giving me during this sabbatical. Just enough to keep me digging in, but not so much that I'm overwhelmed and can't see the forest through the trees. Also I finished reading The Shack, it too was thought provoking. Gives you the opportunity to really grab hold of God and who He is!

Monday, July 27

Sabbatical-Day 8

Today my black and white world became a little gray!! The death of a long time church member, John, brought new bridges to cross. John has not lived in the area for sometime, but the family will return to our church for the funeral. To complicate things, Patrick is out of town until late, late, Tues night which means he won't even be able to talk to the family until shortly before the funeral at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. So, we did what we had to do. It was a little weird being back at the church and tip toeing around my conversation with our Associate Pastor. I had a million questions, and I had to choose not to ask. No way to continue winding down if I just keep rewinding myself. :-o

The last seven days have been rewarding, I have a complete peace about the things God has been talking to me about, but trust me, that Peace didn't come without me kicking and screaming for a few days. I must admit, it's so much easier to submit to God instead of holding on to our own way!!

Tuesday, July 21

Sabbatical has started!

We arrived yesterday without any problems. I immediately got busy on one of the two classes I need to finish for my ordination. Not difficult to finish, just need to spend time focused on them. :). Also started reading In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day. I had planned on starting with The Shack, but because of our schedule I had to rearrange some of my reading. This first week will be spent reading both books Mark Batterson has out. The other is Wild Goose Chase. In A Pit With A Lion On A Snow Day is already challenging me!

Here's a pic of the cabin we are staying at, well actually its a pic of the "lake" in front of the cabin!! (when does a pond become a lake??) We send a huge thanks to the Oklahoma Assemblies of God District for allowing Oklahoma Pastors to stay. It's a perfect setting for vacation/sabbatical. We couldn't have chosen a better location!! Thank You OK A/G District!!

Tuesday, July 14


Monday begins a 3 week sabbatical for my husband and I. Patrick will still be working his secular job for the first 2 weeks, then the 3rd week he'll take vacation time and be off from both jobs!! But for me, I will be completely disconnected from the church for 3 weeks. No phone calls, no texts, no emails. Whatever will I do???

Honestly, (even though I was being a little smart mouthed about it) the closer it gets to Monday the higher my stress level is getting. I feel like I have to get everything done and I know not everything is going to get done and things are going to be happening while I'm gone and what if the staff can't handle it, and what if the sky turns green, and what if someone has drama and I'm not there to answer their questions, and what if new visitors come to the church while we're gone, and what if............

I think you get my point, all the drama that envelopes me is going to go away, starting Monday. I'm so used to it being there, I'm not sure what it will feel like not having it there.

Now on the other hand...I am very much looking forward to down time for some reading I haven't been able to do. There's one book specifically I have wanted to read and thanks to Gigi, I will be getting to it starting Monday. I have intentionally not read it while I've been so busy because I want to be able to absorb what it is going to speak to my heart. I am anxious to hear God's words through whatever venue he wants to use!!

This sabbatical is the strangest thing I've ever done, but I know God is going to speak to Patrick and me and I am chomping at the bits to hear from Him!!

Friday, July 3

Blood Drive

We had our semi-annual blood drive yesterday. It didn't go as well as last year, but we did have 20 people show up to give and 14 units were collected. Last year 24 units were collected, but we did it on the 3rd instead of the 2nd, so next year we might plan that a little differently. We did have 4 new donors, and that's always a good thing, more donors equals more life giving blood!!

After having a transfusion last year in June, blood drives have a whole new meaning to me! I may not be living had it not been for someone taking the time to go to a blood drive and donate. I appreciate everyone, even the ones who attempted, but weren't allowed to donate. Thanks for being a part!!