Monday, October 27

Its been a rough weekend

Our Music Pastor's mother was killed in a car accident Friday afternoon. His daughter Kelly and her friend were in the car as well. The friend is okay other than a small abrasion and terribly sore. Kelly was released from the hospital Sunday. She has a concussion. This is the second one in less than six months for her. She is very, very sore. Moving even a little is quite a job for her.

From what the family is being told by those who witnessed the accident, we are blessed to even have Kelly with us. The family has seen the car and took pictures and it's really messed up. Kelly's quite a determined young lady, she pushes herself to do more and more each day. I'm sure her recovery will go quickly. She's already off her pain pills except at night time and the night time dose is by mom's choice not hers!! :-) She's a remarkable young lady, God is definitely watching over her.

My heart goes out to our Music Pastor, he lost his father to a farming accident (I believe) about 17-18 years ago, and now his mother to an accident as well. I have not lost either parent and I have no idea how it must feel to lose even one parent, much less both. I cannot imagine what he must be going through. Pray for him if you happen to think of this situation, I have no doubt your prayers would be appreciated.

The funeral will be this Thursday at 10:00 and then the burial will be in his home town a few hours away at 3:00. Thursday will be a long and emotional day for the family. Please keep all of them in your prayers.

Thursday, October 9

My poor daughter

We went to regionals and she got nailed in the face with a softball. Sadly, by our catcher, who is a senior, is really good, and has a really strong arm. She felt terrible, poor girl. Yes, it's broken, but thankfully it's still straight!! Everything that could have went wrong, DIDN'T!! We are very blessed. So just swelling and bruising and pain. It definitely could have been worse.

It's been right at 7 days now, today the bruising is visibly starting to leave. She's backing off on the Tylenol dosage. I'll have to give her 2 thumbs up. She was a real trooper through the whole thing!

As soon as I figure out how to get the pictures off my precious little iPhone and onto my computer I have them posted for you!! :-/

I finally figured out how to download pics to my computer. Then it took me forever to remember to post them!!

The first one is at the emergency room after the game. The second one is the day after. The third one is several days later with the bruising at its worst point!