Friday, January 30

My Friend Michael

Well, Micheal is now at a different Teen Challenge facility much closer to home. We are all very thrilled about that. We can now see him occasionally, but more importantly, he will be able to see his family more often.

I pray this will help tremendously. Micheal still has big, big issues to overcome, but as much as I believed in him when he first left, I still believe in him today. He can do this I have no doubt!

Thursday, January 29


Our second oldest daughter will be having an Ablation (which is a heart procedure, similar to a heart cath) this coming Monday, Feb 2nd. I am asking each of you to pray for her. Among other things, Camry has atrial flutter. This procedure has the potential to correct the flutter and make it go away, which would be a blessed relief for Camry.


Sunday, January 25


Okay, so I know you're out there, because I see you and hear from you.

And about my "Followers" link....

It's not that hard to just click the little link. There's no form to fill out, no donations to my retirement account have to be made (but they are appreciated!!) It's just really not that hard. The least you could do is patronize me.

So there you have it. That is my very indirect way of inviting you to click on the link on the left and let the world know you're following my blog. It's really okay to do this! It will only boost my ego and trust me I could use some extra fluff right now!!

Just kidding...

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Friday, January 23

Puzzling Information

I'm so excited!!! We just kicked off a puzzle fundraiser and I wanted to share it with all my readers!!
We are trying to find 100 people/businesses/churches who will sponsor a puzzle piece. (Puzzles pieces can be sponsored for $250, $500, $750, or $1000.) Each puzzle piece will have the sponsors name written on the back of the puzzle piece and at the end of the fundraiser we will encase the puzzle in plexiglass so both the front and the back can be viewed. We will also prepare a wall plaque with each donors name engraved on a name plate. $250 donations will be Gold, $500 will be Silver, $750 will be Blue, and $1000 will be Red.

Our church is very focused on our community and this fundraiser will help us meet the needs of our community in a much bigger and better way! I can't wait!!!!!

If you would like to sponsor a puzzle piece just click here to make a donation.

Saturday, January 3

A Big Scare

Do you remember my friend Micheal? If not, he's made some bad choices and landed himself in a Teen Challenge facility in Minnesota. His parents went to visit him this weekend and left their oldest son, one of Micheal's brothers, David with some people in our church. Now why would David need to be left with people in our church? Because David had seizures when he was a toddler and had permanent brain damage.

David is now 21ish (I say "ish" because I'm not exactly sure how old he is! I'll have to check on that... :/ ) Anyway, David hasn't had a seizure for years, but since Mom and Dad were out of town, he apparently decided today was a good day to have one. Thankfully he pulled out of it on his own. He was at church tonight, a little low-key for David, but overall he seemed okay.

I cannot imagine the strain his mom and dad went through when I called and told them to check in the "sitters" and why. Hours and hours away and their son is back home having huge drama. I am so thankful we know Jesus Christ. I cannot image walking through this life with no one to lean on or help with the hard times. He is truly a Life Saver!

A New Normal

I have determined finding a new normal is necessary. Minor changes have happened which require a change in my precious schedule. For those who read my blog and don't know me personally, I am completely and totally ADD. This means that schedules are incredibly important and necessary to keep me functional.

For those of you who work closely with me you've heard this a million times, but for those who don't I'll repeat my standard phrase..."You know I don't care what the plan is, I just want to know the plan!" So with a change in the daycare director, a change in my oldest daughter's schedule, hopefully a positive change in my lack of attendance at the gym (hehe), and a handful of other little, tiny details, I'm having a hard time pulling it all together.

I've been exercising in the evenings, so far that's working out okay, I don't know what will happen when I have something scheduled every night for weeks on end, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it! Today I organized the fundraiser our church is starting. (I'll tell you about that later.) And hopefully I helped our new director get some things done and off her back. I can actually see the top of my desk in one area!!! Isn't that amazing. I'm so impressed.

So, I'll keep pushing. Wading through the mush, and wrapping up details one item at a time. Eventually it will get done or become unimportant and drop off the list!

I will find a new normal once again. ;-0

Finished painting

So here we sit in my beautiful new home. Okay, so it's not actually new, but it sure feels different!! New carpet, new walls. Wow! It really makes a difference.

We picked up paint on Saturday, moved everything away from the walls and started in. A few short hours later we were back in business. My dining room used to be purple, so I had lots of purple flowers. Now my walls are mustard and I was sure the purple would have to go. But to my delight, purple is an excellent accent. Its very nice.

I am thankful for the beautiful colors God created for us to enjoy. It's funny how a little splash of color can create so much pleasure. Enjoy His creation. It's beautiful!!!

Serenity...or Surrender?

We arrived home last night from a wonderful vacation that didn't last quite long enough! I'll have to admit I'm not ready to return, but ready or not, life is rushing toward me!!

We've had a change in our daycare director and that leaves lots of opportunities to make sure we aren't missing's all the details I haven't tended to for some time now. Theres lots to take care of, but our new director is very capable and will soon have things running without me again. :-)

We also have a pastoral staff retreat coming up shortly and there's lots to plan for that as well.

Then, finally, we were given some used berber and while we were gone a few in the church laid it for us. It's a stark difference. The old carpet was green, the new carpet is cream. My walls are painted cream as well, so that is definitely going to change. So off to the paint store I will go today and we'll get the walls painted a different color. It will look so much better.

And let's not forget I'm scheduled to preach tomorrow, have a lunch appt on Monday, our new School of Ministry starts Mon night.... Like I said life is rushing toward me. So, here we go. 2009, bring it on!