Tuesday, September 21

I have removed all comments from my blog...

...the problem here is that I didn't mean too!!  OOOPS!  Not sure how to fix it at this point...sorry about that.  Please rest assured I'm working on it and will return you're ability to comment on my blog ASAP!

I need a personal IT guy.......

Sunday, September 12

A lot has happened...

My nephews leukemia is being treated, and things are going well as far as I can see. He seems to be in good spirits and dealing with the ins and outs of being a cancer patient. The past week has been a test for his family in that they have had to endure a 10 day hospital stay. (after his most recent treatment the chemo levels in his blood wouldn't go down) Trust me when I say your prayers have not went unheard. I believe with everything in me that God is absolutely doing a work in my nephew. It may not be an instant healing, but it matters not to me, as long as God's plan is being perfectly played out! :)

As far as my personal life goes, our oldest daughter Sierra is now attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU). We took her down the last weekend of August. She and I cried and boo-hooed when it was time to leave, but she is doing well and adjusting to her new life. I am so very proud of her. Classes are good and she likes her new Coach. She says he stays positive and will be a good role model for her. I'm also thankful for that! :-)

Camry's latest and greatest moment is that she has been chosen for football homecoming queen candidate. She is, of course, thrilled, nothing could have made her happier. The other candidate is her best friend, so they are thrilled for each other and enjoying every minute of the excitement. Homecoming is October 1st. The dress is purchased, shoes and jewelry taken care of. The only thing left is make up and hair on homecoming day. I've no doubt we'll be having lots of fun that day!!

Camry is also playing softball for the first time since 7th grade when she slid into 3rd and broke her ankle. She did make the varsity team, but is not the top player (which is okay!). She is learning to overcome her fear of sliding and she is working hard to gain back the skills she lost over the last four years. She only has a few weeks left, but she's working hard, and putting her best forward and I'm proud of her for that. Good job Cam!

Logan is getting ready for his first football game of the season tomorrow. He's playing center this year and seems to be excited about it. He worked hard over the summer and it has paid off for him. He learned the value of consistency and hard work this summer. Couldn't have asked for more from a 13 year old!!

Spencer has arrived in 5th grade and is doing well. Spencer's world doesn't involve athletics. He has ZERO interest in any kind of sport (although he does play in the churches fantasy football league). He has taken up drums in band this year and seems to be enjoying that.

Patrick and I are good. Just working away, staying busy with life, and enjoying all of it. =) We are so blessed to be a pastors of an amazing church and parents of great children.