Monday, April 20

My oldest daughter's first prom

Sierra's not much of a girly girl. So dressing up for prom was quite the event!! Of course everyone was so shocked to see her with her nails done and make-up on. But there were no high heels. Sierra is tall any way so matching kicks were her choice for prom shoes!! They better suited her need for comfort anyway!!

I think Sierra rates boys right up there with make-up, it okay, but it's just not necessary right now!! So she and her friend Tayler made a night of it. They had a good time and made it home safely. I was very much okay with that!!

Friday, April 17


I joined the twitter freaks last night. Not sure I'm going to like it. I'm not really in to telling people every little thing about me. We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll find something new and exciting on this little endeavor. lol Right now, I'm not liking it so much can't figure out how to get everything to work. The website appears to be user friendly, but doesn't seem to be working correctly. Maybe I just have a glitch this morning...

Saturday, April 11

Update on better health

After meeting my goal of 21 days of consistency, I haven't been so consistent!! That stinks doesn't it??

I have recently come to the conclusion I need another goal. My 2nd short term goal hasn't worked out so well either considering I'm losing weight very, very slowly. Turns out my short term goal of getting under 300 pds is going to take a lot longer than I thought it was. But the good news is...I'm actually losing weight and not gaining!! Yea for me!! :-)

I have gained in other areas though, and I am very pleased about that. I am definitely getting stronger. Today during my workout I even upped (is that a word?) the weight on several different exercises AND I burned 1400 calories today. I have been burning around 1200-1300 so that was a change as well. Of course the reason I'm burning more calories during my workout is because I'm keeping my heart rate closer to the target rate of 85%. One time a few days ago, I even hit 88%! That was a first and caused me to do a double take!! LOL

Even though it's not showing up on those stupid scales or in my clothes, I know I'm making progress and I choose to continue on my journey toward better health. I am very happy with this new direction and see no reason to go back to my old ways.

So, Here's to me! Keep on keeping on!! My new goal is to burn 1400 calories during my workouts for at least 2 weeks. I'll let you know what happens!!