Monday, June 30

Ready to go again

It was a huge effort by a lot of people but the fireworks stand is up and running again. I am such a freak when it comes to moving (which is basically what we were doing) that I wasn't much help, but between Pastor John, Pastor Pat, Pastor Lynda, and Pastor Charlie working hard and keeping the rest of the crew focused, they were able to get it done.

Part of my devastation on Saturday when the tent was about to be blown over, was the thought of having to restock the tent. It is hours, and hours and hours of work. But with everyones help we not only cleaned up the damaged product, but set out all the brand new product in just 3 hours. They also stabilized the tent during that time. (New rope, new side board, reset stakes, etc....) It was still a lot of work, but at least it didn't take 10-12 hours to get it done.

Thank you to each of the church staff, and every volunteer that help in any way. Even saying yes and being willing to help made a difference. I appreciate each one of you. Without you our church is incomplete. I love each of you and I am thankful you choose to be a part of our fellowship. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Saturday, June 28

Much Worse Than Having Fireworks Stolen

This morning we had some pretty bad weather come through our part of the country. Now, had we been inside our home, it wouldn't have mattered, but we weren't. We were under a tent. A fireworks tent no less. We knew it was supposed to rain, we had no idea the wind would be so bad. Our tent literally fell apart while Christina & I were trying to hold up the center poles. It was terrible. We had sent Pastor John home to clean up for the day (he & Christina stayed the night in the tent), Christina and I stayed since it was close to time to open the tent for the day. It was supposed to rain, so we had only opened up a small portion of the tent, so it would be easy to close it if it started to rain really bad.

When it started to rain, Christina and I walked around made sure things were staying dry (they are fireworks you know!). We felt comfortable with what was happening. I checked to make sure water wasn't coming in on the ground to get any boxes (ultimately the fireworks) wet . Everything seemed secure, so we felt we were prepared to wait out the rain. We both sat down to read (we have school work that has to be done), and I got a call from my husband that said "batten down the hatches, there's a big cell headed right for us". We started checking things again, making sure everything was secure and then all the sudden things started going wrong.

The rain was getting harder by the second, we took a tarp and covered up some equipment that was starting to get wet, then one of the ropes broke that was tied to a stake and a side board, then another side board broke, and from there it went. The tent begin collapsing one thing at time, I called Patrick (my husband) and told him we needed him, then called John back and told him to "get back up here". By the time Patrick got there the opposite side of the tent had started to collapse, by the time John got there were only 2 corner side boards, 1 side side board and the three center poles holding the tent up. The worse part about that was Christina and I were holding two of the center poles up.

Patrick stabilized the side board that had the rope broken, while John started going to each stake and side board and started fixing them one by one. All of this was happening while the rain was coming down in torrents and the wind was blowing so hard Patrick couldn't keep a steady force on the board he was holding. He was leaning into the wind with his back to put tension on the tent, and the wind would actually blow him forward. It was crazy. Every time it blew him forward, mine and Christina's center poles would move. There were several times I thought we were going to have to abandon ship, I wasn't the least bit convinced we were going to save anything, including the tent.

This was probably one of the scariest things I have ever experienced in my life. It has been hours since it happened and I am still overwhelmed. If I had my choice, I would deal with a robbery any day over attempting to keep a tent standing in that horrible weather. John & Patrick were soaked completely through because they had to pound the stakes back into the ground just to get the tent stabilized. I'm sure their part story would be quite exciting as well!

The worse part about the whole situation? If the men who set up our tent would have done it right, I wouldn't be writing this story. The two things that broke morning after it was set up (that Pastor John fixed and we reported we needed replaced) are the two things that started the domino effect on the tent collapsing.

The second worse part? We got yelled at. Like we had done something wrong in this whole situation. We had no control over the shoddy set-up crew. We certainly had no control over the weather. And yet, we got yelled at. I will have to admit, I was really angry at the man who corrected us. We did everything we could to protect their interest and their product and it wasn't good enough. It's important to me to have a good tent and to do things with excellence, we tried our hardest to make sure their tent didn't fall in and to protect their products, and it wasn't good enough. Our best wasn't enough...

Last year our fireworks tent was robbed (3 times), this year the tent collapsed because of bad weather. Maybe we should just give up on the whole thing....

Family Reunion Day 3

I didn't get to blog yesterday because of the Fireworks Stand, but it was good day. It was busy, trying to get last minute things tended to so we could get the stand open, but it was good.

In the midst of all that, my children were at Grandma's house playing with their cousins, (younger ones), or taking a trip to Precious Moments in Carthage, MO (older ones). They had a good day and enjoyed themselves. I did get to have dinner at Mom's, so we were able to visit for an hour or so. Maybe today I will have some helpers at the tent and have a little more time to spend at Mom's.

Thursday, June 26

Fireworks Stand

Today will start 10 days of eat, drink and sleeping fireworks! In a way it is fun, in another way it is a lot of hard work. The one thing I really like about it, is that is provides a service to our community. The company we contract with does a really good job of providing good quality fireworks with an excellent variety. It is a quality fireworks stand; something we can proudly offer our community.

Wednesday, June 25

Family Reunion Day 1

It's not actually day one, since the "reunion" wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow, but since everyone is here that's going to come, I say it's day one!

Mom's house is still chaos. I will admit we are seeing a downward trend in the mass chaos. I still think it will be Friday before the house is ready for company, but since they're already here it's much too late that!! My sister, her husband, her son and his wife came from Colorado. They arrived late last night. It is nice to see them again, it has been some time.

I didn't get to spend much time with them today, I have been out of the office for 2 days helping Mom with the house, and I had a ton of stuff to get caught up on. Things are getting ready to get real hairy with my schedule, I'm just not sure how much time I'm going to be able to spend with them. And to top it all off, my son decided to develop a fever this evening as well!! I would imagine I'll get to take him to the Dr., joy...more medical bills!!

I could keep going on about my day, but I think I'll stop there. I'm going to chill for the evening. I did invite them to come over if they wanted to, I would imagine they're tired and probably want to retire early this evening. We'll see...

Tuesday, June 24

It's done...

...kind of!!! If you call having the texture finished and the paint on then we can consider it done!

They stayed up until after midnight last night finishing the texturing so they would be able to paint today. Painting ceased around 2:00 this afternoon, then clean-up began. Why the rush? BECAUSE MOM WAS HAVING THE CARPET LAYER COME AT 3:00!

I know, I'm over-reacting....

We all just need to relax, it's all good...

It's doesn't matter that the curtains aren't up (in either the living room or the family room), the furniture hasn't been delivered yet (for either room). And neither of the guest rooms are ready! Big's not important. But, by George, the walls are textured and we've got the paint finished...

The house is in mass chaos...

My perfect world has been disturbed...

I just don't know how I will ever find inner peace again...

Okay, so I'm really just kidding. There is a ton of stuff to still get done, but hey, it's not my problem, not my home! Whatever makes Mom happy, makes me happy too!!

Monday, June 23

I learned to texture today!

I still love to mud and tape, but today I took it to a whole new level. Texturing was the next thing that Mom needed done on her home improvements list. So, my sister-in-law and myself, dove in feet first! We guessed at the ratios for mud/sand/water and turned out with some pretty awesome stuff!! Are we good or what?!?
This pic is similar to what we did, but our texture was not as spread out. Ours was better of course!

Sunday, June 22

I totally ticker her off!!

I was trying to communicate with a professing atheist. I made comments on her site that had nothing to do with preaching to her, I never even quoted one scripture! I did give her a big spill about bible translations, and I apparently made her angry. Up until that post she never moderated any comments. She responded to my comments with her very pointed opinion about how for a 'pastor' I was a 'self-righteous...' (I won't go in to what was actually said!). I did respond back, but my comments haven't been posted, she's started moderating comments and apparently she's not going to allow my comments to be posted. Like I said, I totally ticked her off!!

Oh well, such is life. It's really a shame, I was looking forward to the opportunity to get inside her world. I live such a sheltered life, I thought it would be a great experience for me to get outside my "bible-belt church world" and see another perspective. I guess I will just have to look for a different blog!

Saturday, June 21

Mud & Tape

I love to mud & tape! My parents are doing some home improvements. My mom scheduled a family reunion next week and, of course, she wants all projects finished by next Tuesday. (THAT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!) But in spite of not finishing everything, we did give our best to finish what we could. I chose mud & tape.

I suppose I enjoy that particular task, because it is a fond memory I have of my father. Many, many moons ago, he was preparing a building to be used as his business and mud & tape was part of the process. My dad showed me how during that time. I don't do it very often, but when I get the chance, I always enjoy it. There's still a lot left, but hopefully, we'll get it done before they lay the carpet on Monday evening.

Friday, June 20

Gonna have fun tonight...

Headed to Cafe Del Rio tonight for some fun and relaxation. I love the 18 - 25ish age group, they're so full of energy and spontaneity. (can you spell that for me?)

Thursday, June 19

Three Units Richer!

Today I had my blood transfusion, the process could have taken 12 hours, but since I am apparently healthy, except for being 3 units short on blood, they were able to give the blood to me at a faster pace. So each bag was taking about 2 hours. Instead of leaving the hospital at 9:00 tonight, I got to leave around 4:00.

I was blessed that my favorite nurse, Brandy, was working. A transfusion requires a lot of interaction with vitals, observations, and changing the bags. This meant I spent a lot of time with Brandy today! She was, as usual, the model of excellence. I am so thankful Brandy is a part of our lives. Thanks're the best!

Everyone keeps asking me if I feel better. Since I didn't even realize I was sick, it may take a few days for me to realize the difference 3 units of blood makes! My husband does say I have color in my face now, I'm guessing that's a good start. :-)

Blood Transfusion

Once again, I am faced with something new. Today I will be going to the hospital to have a blood transfusion. I am apparently low on blood. My doctor (not the nurse) called me after hours last night and gave me the good news. You know, I knew I was low on iron, but I had no idea I was low on blood itself!! According to what the Dr. said, I'm apparently in pretty bad shape, (unbeknownst to me :-\).

I'm having had a pretty hard time wrapping my mind around this, because I don't feel sick. Other than being tired all the time, (which has been my way of life for years), I feel fine. I exercise, (sometimes!) go to the ball games, run here and run there, I'm always busy. In fact the busier, the better. I hate just sitting around (unless of course I'm on vacation, and then a good book is always nice!).

So, off I go, this is supposed to be an all day event and into the evening hours. I'll let you know how it goes!!

I'm back!!

I just knew you were all sitting on pins and needles waiting for my return! You can relax now. My incredibly thought provoking posts will once again be available for your reading pleasure. :-)

Friday, June 13


I will not be posting for several days. I was sure you would miss my incredibly interesting, and thought provoking posts, so I wanted to let you know I would be away for a time. I'll be back soon!


Thursday, June 12

20 years

Yesterday was my 20th wedding anniversary! I was a little bummed, not because I've spent more years married than single, but because we had planned to be on the ocean traveling to a foreign country right now. So today we'll just imagine that I'm posting from Bermuda or Prince Edward Island!

I have been blessed to spend my life with Patrick. He's a man of honor and integrity. As with all marriages we have had our fusses (even though I'm quite certain I was never wrong, I did allow him to think I might have been!), financial struggles, arguments over raising children, but these things, in the big picture, are really not much to focus on.

The really important things are so much easier to see! We have four incredible children. We have been in the ministry for 10 years ( 8 of that pastoring), we a just a few years away from being completely out of debt, and we love God with all our hearts.

We have had an excellent 20 years and as my husband's card to me said (he's such a romantic) we're looking forward to the next 60!

I love you Patrick....XOXOXO

Wednesday, June 11

Medical Science

My mother had a procedure done on her heart today. She has been having a rhythm problem for over 20 years and today they finally fixed it! I am thrilled for her. Her quality of life should change drastically.

Isn't it amazing what knowledge we have? I credit it this to God allowing us to discover things we have never known before. I am thankful that we live in the 2000's, otherwise my mother would have surely died years ago. I am also thankful God allowed the Dr's to finally diagnose this problem and have the knowledge to correct it. After all he is called the Great Physician in the Bible. The Dr's at the hospital may have been the ones doing the actual surgery, but I know God is the one who is ultimately responsible for her even being alive!

Tuesday, June 10

and so it begins...

The petition has been approved which means today is day one of 45 days allowed to collect signatures. We will need 500 verified signatures. If we do not get the signatures, then we can choose to re-petition, but we will have to collect 1000 signatures for a repeat petition.

I am anxious to get this over with. I truly wish this board member would just resign. In my opinion, it really is the best decision for everyone involved. But we will get to just wait and see how it plays out.

You can be sure I'll keep you updated! :)

Monday, June 9


I love to go shopping, especially when you're spending someone elses money!! My mom is changing her living room furniture and asked me to come along to help her pick out a chair to go with the sofa & love seat she picked out. It was great. Furniture is one of the funnest things to shop for, there's so much out there. You get to see all the new styles, textures, it's like an open house for a brand new home. It's so much fun!

But sad to say, I spent all her money and the fun had to come to an end, but hey, I got supper out of the deal and that's not so bad! Mom's house will look great with all her new furniture and window treatments. It's nice to see her happy and content.

Sunday, June 8


I was quite certain you didn't know how I felt about this situation so I thought I would publish my feelings just so you wouldn't have any doubts....

Saturday, June 7

One more down

I have had a really busy week this week. My husband was out of town, we had revival, plus all the "normal" stuff that has to be done. Included in all of this was a class that I am taking for my ordination as a pastor. It is the highest level of credentialing from the Assemblies of God. I am excited about achieving this, it has been a long time coming. I won't actually be finished with all my classes until October, but this summer will be filled with lessons, reading, and tests!
The news for today is I passed my test, which means I only have 6 more to go!!

Friday, June 6

Life's not fair...

Because we recently received our accreditation and will receive our 3 star status July 1st, I did some research on the northeast corner of Oklahoma regarding child care facilities and the rates schedule that the state department regulates. The following is a nut shell of what I found out (this study covers 18 counties):

Total child care facilities 1550

2 star facilities 661

3 star facilities 71

percentage of 3 star facilities -- 5%

Oklahoma graciously allows extra money for "enhanced" counties. (you are an enhanced county if you meet certain criteria, obviously we are not located in an enhanced county or none of this would matter to me!)

25% of 3 star facilities are being paid less than 70% of the 2 star facilities in NE Oklahoma!!

This is because the formula used to create the schedule ended up allowing the 2 star facility in an enhanced county to get paid more than a 3 star facility in a standard county!

WOW! What's wrong with that picture?

Thursday, June 5

I don't make a lot of direct statements in my blog, I prefer to ponder concepts rather than hash out details, but I decided to be pointed today. I once read a statement posted on a site that said "It's my site, I make the rules". So I guess I will let that apply to me today!

I have talked a lot about politics and the disdain I have for it and yet I find myself involved in it. As I journey down this new path, new lessons are always popping up waiting for me to ingest these new tidbits of information. I have learned much in just the few short weeks I have been involved. I will admit, there is a side to politics that involves passion and if allowed it could become a driver in one's life. But although I can see that side of it, I still have no desire to chase after any of this.

This coming Monday will mark another new lesson. The community will be coming together to organize circulating a petition. This petition will be for our entire county requesting a grand jury be seated for the purpose of removing a school board member. I spent about three weeks researching our laws for recall of a school board member and to my amazement we have not one law that will allow for the citizens who voted the member in to have the same member recalled unless he's convicted of a felony. (Similar to having someone impeached, but it's referred to as recall. Another one of the lessons I learned!)

So the results of my research have resulted in what we are discussing tonight; circulating a petition. I am a little anxious about this as it will once again be something I have never done before. (This means more lessons to be learned!) But I have no problem taking the bull by the horns and "Just do it" (as Nike has so aptly promoted) So here we go, hop on and enjoy the ride with me! Life is an exciting course, I wouldn't want to miss it....

Wednesday, June 4

Good news!

One of the problem areas in my life is solved. I am sooooo happy. This issue has been ongoing for about 6 months now and it was of great concern to me because its potential negative effects would cause a ripple large enough to cause the waves you see pictured above! So as you can see having this problem taken care of and resolved is very refreshing and comforting to me.
I am so thankful we serve a God who cares about every detail of our life, even the ones we think are insignificant to Him!

Tuesday, June 3

Life Lessons

Doesn't it stink that you can be "all grown up" and still having to learn life lessons? It's kind of like the fact that my Mom told me I'd grow out of having pimples. She LIED, that is so not true!! :) (Sorry mom, I still love you!)

Monday, June 2

Finding the good in things....

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and choose to find something good. That is where I am at this evening. I am so completely and totally frustrated I could just pull my hair out. I would really prefer to rant and rave right now, but I am determined to find something good and focus on that.

hmmmm....something good......having a hard time with this.....
I have a home, it could be worse I could be living on the streets or had my house blown away by a tornado. I have a fabulous husband, (see my previous posts if you missed his accolades!). I have children....I could be childless. I have decent vehicles to drive...I could be walking or worse yet driving a piece of junk! I have been called into the ministry....this is quite an honor, that God would consider using me to build His Kingdom. I know Jesus as my personal Saviour & Lord...he is the reason I breathe, my reason for living.

I am blessed and highly favored I am a child of the most high God.