Thursday, April 15

A Little Angry

So I have this problem with our school...

but before I rant let me say what a good school system we have. Great coaches, great admins, and for the most part great teachers. None of them perfect, but all of them putting forth their best effort. I am fully one hundred percent behind our school. In my opinion, you can't do much better than Welch Public Schools.

With that said.... I am angry right now about parents who are schmucks. They are making my children's lives miserable. Here the problem, you have parents who will pull their kids out of school for fishing, shopping, lie about Dr's appointments, say their kids are too sick to compete in track but well enough to compete in cheer tryouts, etc. In an effort to make things fair the school has implemented policy attempting to avoid such pitfalls and require students to be in attendance at games and practices. Now I completely understand requiring kids to be at practices and games. I fully support that policy and have required it of my own children. If your going to be a part of the team then as a player you get the good with the bad. That's just the way it is.

Here's my issue, on more than one occasion, we have had a family event that has required our children to miss practices or events and my kids have been punished for it. It angers me that my children are punished for choices out of their control. I'm perfectly fine with consequences for your own choices, but it really stinks to have consequences for someone else's choices.

I have suggested that it is a reasonable request to have the school review their policy and try to implement something for parents who are cooperating and who are abiding by the rules, but have a legitimate family conflict. I did offer to be a part of the solution and am happy to offer my services. I would really like to see this conflict resolved in some manner that benefits families and students who are doing the right thing!!