Monday, November 9

One down!!

Sierra's tryout is over. We arrived on Thursday afternoon without incident with plenty of time to acclimate.

She was super nervous, not sure if the coach could tell, but Mom and Dad sure knew it!! She shot a few hoops for warm-up and did great. One shot after the other, swish, swish, swish. She was amazing!! The coach called for everyone to come together. I forgot we were at a Christian college. They started with prayer, then moved into practice....

They worked out hard for an hour and a half. The main concern was that Sierra wouldn't be able to keep up. They are a run 'n gun kind of team and Sierra isn't the fastest girl on the planet, but she did well. She did get tired toward the end, but so did the one other high school girl that was at the tryout as well. After practice, Coach ask us to meet with him the next day.

Then Sierra was off to enjoy the other activities scheduled for campus days, and Patrick and I left her to enjoy college life for a night!!

For me, the next day couldn't come quick enough. I wasn't antsy, but I was ready to get the whole thing over with. We ended up having to wait until after lunch to be able to meet with the coach, but it did finally happen. The end result was that not only did she make the team, but they also offered her a scholorship!! I was elated. It was all I could do to keep my tears back, but I did succeed!! I guess it's not official, official until they call her tomorrow night to find out what her answer is, but in Sierra's mind it's concrete. She'll be wearing purple and gold next year, playing for the Southwestern Assemblies of God, (better known as SAGU), Lions.

We are so very proud of her, she worked hard to increase her skills and speed and as a result she has earned a spot on the team.

Way to go C!

Monday, November 2

November is finally here!!

Well, this is it. This is the month that my life has been revolving around for several months. We have worked hard, planned, practiced, and all kinds of wonderful things to make sure we were ready, and now November is here. Sierra's fate with the SAGU basketball team will be decided in a few days. Camry's future has the opportunity for huge change in just two short weeks. And change for me personally will become very concrete as the month plays out. I'm still not sure what God has in mind, but I'm willing to walk whatever path he put in front in of me!! Change isn't always fun, but it is so very necessary! :)