Monday, October 19

LIFE is taking me on a ride! And, let me tell you, it's full speed, not just a little jaunt in the park!!

Camry's modeling is going well. We are preparing for the expo in Dallas, lots of details and extra classes to attend. It's consuming a big chunk of the schedule, but I'm okay with that. It's just a moment in life. :)

Our oldest daughter Sierra is preparing for her basketball tryout in 2 weeks. We're looking forward to some exciting times there!!

Logan, our oldest son is deep into football season with only 2 weeks left. He's having a great season. Starting as a 7th grader on a 7th 7 8th grade team. We're very proud of him. :)

And the youngest, Spencer, is enjoying cub scouts for the first time. I am glad he has something to focus on that is worthwhile.

As you can see I am running everywhere tending to my children, but it's worth every moment I'm investing. I know this is just a season and all seasons come to an end. I must admit "Empty Nest" is looking like a whole bunch of fun right now!!! But, let's not count our chickens before they hatch!!! :)