Thursday, August 28

Check this out...

I came across this blog and wanted to share it with all my readers. Don't know much about Gigi, but I'm very impressed with her sight. Click here to check it out! I think you'll like it too... sure to have your sound on. She has an excellent music selection playing while you read...very refreshing....I'm actually listening to it while typing this post!

Wednesday, August 27

Oklahoma Teen Challenge

Today I visited the new women's center in Tulsa. It was formally a locally run women's facility, but not associated with Teen Challenge. The transition just happened so everyone is still trying to get their feet underneath them, but as it stands right now, things are looking really good.

The facility itself is an older building, but meets the needs of the center very well. The new director, Karen Coon, runs a tight ship and is doing an excellent job of getting all the details in order. Karen is a friend of mine, and I'm happy to have her friendship. This facility is a long awaited dream for her and I share in her excitement to see it's fulfillment!

May the favor of the Lord rest on you Karen. :-)

Tuesday, August 26

Here's an update on the XA house. The rock is finished, stairs are built and painting has begun. And no, Pastor John and I didn't do all the work, there was help from the area AG churches. Each doing what they can. It's going to look great when we're finished.

Monday, August 25

My husbands new job

It has been two full weeks since we arrived home from Chicago. Patrick is doing great and is very happy. We are working in the same office space, that is also going well. The only obstacle we are having to overcome is phone calls. My husband has been blessed with a booming voice and it's a little difficult to have a conversation or make a phone call at the same time he's talking on the phone!!

But, with that said, things are going really well. I am happy to see my husband happy. He enjoys getting up and going to work again. I am blessed to have such an excellent man by my side!

Saturday, August 23

Rain, Rain, please don't Go Away!!

I am so happy it's raining!! We were supposed to do a community outreach today. But quite frankly, I'm tired. I just really wanted the day off. I was prepared to get up and go do what we had committed to do, but when I heard the thunder and the rain, deep down inside I was thrilled. Instead of getting up I stayed in bed for an extra hour and half. I was soooooo happy!!

I'm not worried about our outreach, the work will still be there after the rain passes. So today's schedule will go like this, I slept in, we're going to play Settlers of Catan with the girls, and later I think I'll start reading a book I've had for several weeks and haven't even cracked open. It's going to be a great day off!!

Friday, August 22

Update on NEO XA

Pastor John is working away cutting rebar to anchor the landscaping timbers. You can't see it very well, but the red patio pavers spell out XA (which means Chi Alpha). As you can see the porch is completely gone now and new lighter color rock is the new rock we needed to add. After we get the "XA" leveled and perfected, we'll add a thin layer of the new rock over the remaining area and get it all looking the same. A different group of workers is coming in on Saturday and they are going to build the stairs, put the replacement siding up, and start scraping to prepare for the paint. I can't wait to post the final pics. It's going to look AWESOME!!

Thursday, August 21

Gateway School of Ministry

My husband and I have long desired to help out people who have been called into the ministry after starting a career and family. The reason we are so passionate about this is because that's exactly what happened to us! God did not call us into the ministry until we were 30 years old and had three children. Receiving our credentials has been a lot of hard work and a lot of discipline.

Recently, one of our Assemblies of God programs has made some changes and because of those changes we are going to be able to offer the credentialing process in a format that will be so much easier than what we did. I am so excited about it, I couldn't even sleep!! I woke up at 5:00 this morning thinking about all the things I needed to get done in relationship to this new avenue!!

Today I will start calling the churches to let them know about our program. I can't hardly wait!!!!

Saturday, August 16

The Giant Has Been Slayed

(funeral music begin here)

The tragic death of a foe many of you are too well acquainted with died today. It was a slow death. Painfully endured by digging 24" footer holes, moving landscaping rocks, and removing damaged siding. Mr. Fear, also known as the Intimidator, had resided with so many people it is impossible to list his former residences.

The tabloids are still saying "He Lives", but I know that's not true. I saw him die myself. There is no return. Mr. Fear will not be coming back to life.

(funeral music ends) (casket closes)
(Funeral Director ends service)

Friday, August 15

Facing My Giant

Ever since I found out I needed a blood transfusion I have been struggling with physical labor. Before I knew I was low on blood I thought I was just lazy and lacked motivation. I now realize there was much more to it. Therefore, it has brought me to a point of psychological conflict. I used to just keep pushing and do whatever needed to be done. Now I hold back and doubt whether I can do the job.

So an area ministry, NEO XA, needed some work done on a home they use for their meetings and outreach. I volunteered myself and our Associate Pastor to tear off the front porch. (He always appreciates me planning his schedule for him!) But my purpose was this. I knew I couldn't do the work myself, but I was bound and determined to be a part of the work and get past this stupid mind hurdle that keeps telling me I don't have the strength to work. That's hogwash! As I stated in my earlier blog, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So yesterday I helped Pastor John with tearing off a porch and putting in new support beams. I helped dig a hole, carried lumber, and did a few odds and ends. I didn't work very long, but I did work. And I was help to Pastor John, not a hindrance.

Saturday, I will face my giant again. My plan is to kill the stupid thing and put it to rest!

Monday, August 11

I did it!

Yesterday I preached a narrative sermon. I was so proud of myself!

Considering it was the first one I did, I thought I did well, but I know I have tons of room for improvement. So guess what my next sermon type will be????? You guessed it. Narrative. You're so good!! I am happy with my progress. I did an actual exegesis. That really impressed myself too!! (I know, it doesn't take much :))

I know this is a bunch of preacher mumbo jumbo. But I'm really excited about my accomplishment. It was something new and I conquered it. I have a small margin to boast about!!

Friday, August 8

Injured Reserve List

Don't ask me how, but I hurt my foot!! I was doing so good too. Not only did this wreck my plans for exercising today, but it stopped our plans for going to down town Chicago. We may try to go this evening. It depends on when Patrick gets off work today. I'm not terribly disappointed though. It's not like this will be the last time we ever come to Chicago. There will be plenty of opportunities to see the sites in the years to come!

Thursday, August 7


So far, so good. Today I got up and exercised with Patrick. He fussed at me because I kept talking to him!! He asked me if I always talk when I exercise, I told him yes, if there's someone to talk to!! (Duh, I am female!)

On a different note, Patrick got some of his new toys yesterday. I know they are commonly referred to as tools, but I am certain they are toys! Not only did his new company get him a laptop and a phone, but they got all the cool accessories to go with them. Patrick is really excited, and I am happy for him. Things are going very well. I hope this honeymoon period last for a long time!!

Wednesday, August 6

Day two in Joliet

I have finished this mornings walking. Now I'm off to get ready for the big meeting. Today the children and I get to see Patrick's new office and plant. We are all a little nervous. Of course I want my children to show these people what truly wonderful children we have, I'm sure they'll do fine!

Last night we went to an Italian restaurant named Baci's (bawch-eez). they served us the best Chicago pizza I remember having. It was excellent food and tons of it. Thankfully we have refrigerators in the room keeping the pizza cold until supper tonight!!

That's it for today....check in tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 5


I decided to hold myself accountable to the world this week while on vacation!! I commit to exercising on my regular schedule. That means tues - fri walking for 30 mins. Weights are a little harder because the machines are different, but walking on the treadmill isn't a problem. There are 2 treadmills plus a bike and elliptical trainer.

So, I've already finished today's. I'll let you know from day to day if I accomplish my goal!

Monday, August 4

The First Day

Patrick's first day at his new job was today. He was ready to get there is about all I can say! After 7 1/2 hours of driving and then staying the night and driving 2 1/2 more, he was more than prepared to go to work!!

The children and I on the other hand were more than ready to start our vacation! The accommodations are wonderful (big huge thanks to Patrick's new company). They let us check in really early, therefore the children have already been swimming and are now vegging in front of the TV. They plan to go swimming again later, which is fine with me.

It is cooler up this way, but it's still hot. At least the air conditioners can actually keep up and for that I'm thankful!

Not sure how much I'll be blogging this week, but no need to worry about me, I'll just be relaxing by the pool!!

Friday, August 1


So if the bible tells you not to go to bed angry and you're totally ticked off, does that mean you just don't sleep for the night????