Monday, August 4

The First Day

Patrick's first day at his new job was today. He was ready to get there is about all I can say! After 7 1/2 hours of driving and then staying the night and driving 2 1/2 more, he was more than prepared to go to work!!

The children and I on the other hand were more than ready to start our vacation! The accommodations are wonderful (big huge thanks to Patrick's new company). They let us check in really early, therefore the children have already been swimming and are now vegging in front of the TV. They plan to go swimming again later, which is fine with me.

It is cooler up this way, but it's still hot. At least the air conditioners can actually keep up and for that I'm thankful!

Not sure how much I'll be blogging this week, but no need to worry about me, I'll just be relaxing by the pool!!