Friday, August 15

Facing My Giant

Ever since I found out I needed a blood transfusion I have been struggling with physical labor. Before I knew I was low on blood I thought I was just lazy and lacked motivation. I now realize there was much more to it. Therefore, it has brought me to a point of psychological conflict. I used to just keep pushing and do whatever needed to be done. Now I hold back and doubt whether I can do the job.

So an area ministry, NEO XA, needed some work done on a home they use for their meetings and outreach. I volunteered myself and our Associate Pastor to tear off the front porch. (He always appreciates me planning his schedule for him!) But my purpose was this. I knew I couldn't do the work myself, but I was bound and determined to be a part of the work and get past this stupid mind hurdle that keeps telling me I don't have the strength to work. That's hogwash! As I stated in my earlier blog, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So yesterday I helped Pastor John with tearing off a porch and putting in new support beams. I helped dig a hole, carried lumber, and did a few odds and ends. I didn't work very long, but I did work. And I was help to Pastor John, not a hindrance.

Saturday, I will face my giant again. My plan is to kill the stupid thing and put it to rest!