Thursday, June 5

I don't make a lot of direct statements in my blog, I prefer to ponder concepts rather than hash out details, but I decided to be pointed today. I once read a statement posted on a site that said "It's my site, I make the rules". So I guess I will let that apply to me today!

I have talked a lot about politics and the disdain I have for it and yet I find myself involved in it. As I journey down this new path, new lessons are always popping up waiting for me to ingest these new tidbits of information. I have learned much in just the few short weeks I have been involved. I will admit, there is a side to politics that involves passion and if allowed it could become a driver in one's life. But although I can see that side of it, I still have no desire to chase after any of this.

This coming Monday will mark another new lesson. The community will be coming together to organize circulating a petition. This petition will be for our entire county requesting a grand jury be seated for the purpose of removing a school board member. I spent about three weeks researching our laws for recall of a school board member and to my amazement we have not one law that will allow for the citizens who voted the member in to have the same member recalled unless he's convicted of a felony. (Similar to having someone impeached, but it's referred to as recall. Another one of the lessons I learned!)

So the results of my research have resulted in what we are discussing tonight; circulating a petition. I am a little anxious about this as it will once again be something I have never done before. (This means more lessons to be learned!) But I have no problem taking the bull by the horns and "Just do it" (as Nike has so aptly promoted) So here we go, hop on and enjoy the ride with me! Life is an exciting course, I wouldn't want to miss it....

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