Monday, June 2

Finding the good in things....

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and choose to find something good. That is where I am at this evening. I am so completely and totally frustrated I could just pull my hair out. I would really prefer to rant and rave right now, but I am determined to find something good and focus on that.

hmmmm....something good......having a hard time with this.....
I have a home, it could be worse I could be living on the streets or had my house blown away by a tornado. I have a fabulous husband, (see my previous posts if you missed his accolades!). I have children....I could be childless. I have decent vehicles to drive...I could be walking or worse yet driving a piece of junk! I have been called into the ministry....this is quite an honor, that God would consider using me to build His Kingdom. I know Jesus as my personal Saviour & Lord...he is the reason I breathe, my reason for living.

I am blessed and highly favored I am a child of the most high God.

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