Thursday, June 12

20 years

Yesterday was my 20th wedding anniversary! I was a little bummed, not because I've spent more years married than single, but because we had planned to be on the ocean traveling to a foreign country right now. So today we'll just imagine that I'm posting from Bermuda or Prince Edward Island!

I have been blessed to spend my life with Patrick. He's a man of honor and integrity. As with all marriages we have had our fusses (even though I'm quite certain I was never wrong, I did allow him to think I might have been!), financial struggles, arguments over raising children, but these things, in the big picture, are really not much to focus on.

The really important things are so much easier to see! We have four incredible children. We have been in the ministry for 10 years ( 8 of that pastoring), we a just a few years away from being completely out of debt, and we love God with all our hearts.

We have had an excellent 20 years and as my husband's card to me said (he's such a romantic) we're looking forward to the next 60!

I love you Patrick....XOXOXO


Pastor Pat said...

swish, swish, swish... thats the sound of the ocean washing across the beach...just think on that for a little while.

sassy chic said...

Happy Anniversary! I feel bad that I didn't know it was your anniversary and I didn't say anything to you last night. Bad friend, bad friend! Sorry about that! If Christina had been home and not at camp things would have been different!