Thursday, June 19

Blood Transfusion

Once again, I am faced with something new. Today I will be going to the hospital to have a blood transfusion. I am apparently low on blood. My doctor (not the nurse) called me after hours last night and gave me the good news. You know, I knew I was low on iron, but I had no idea I was low on blood itself!! According to what the Dr. said, I'm apparently in pretty bad shape, (unbeknownst to me :-\).

I'm having had a pretty hard time wrapping my mind around this, because I don't feel sick. Other than being tired all the time, (which has been my way of life for years), I feel fine. I exercise, (sometimes!) go to the ball games, run here and run there, I'm always busy. In fact the busier, the better. I hate just sitting around (unless of course I'm on vacation, and then a good book is always nice!).

So, off I go, this is supposed to be an all day event and into the evening hours. I'll let you know how it goes!!

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