Thursday, June 19

Three Units Richer!

Today I had my blood transfusion, the process could have taken 12 hours, but since I am apparently healthy, except for being 3 units short on blood, they were able to give the blood to me at a faster pace. So each bag was taking about 2 hours. Instead of leaving the hospital at 9:00 tonight, I got to leave around 4:00.

I was blessed that my favorite nurse, Brandy, was working. A transfusion requires a lot of interaction with vitals, observations, and changing the bags. This meant I spent a lot of time with Brandy today! She was, as usual, the model of excellence. I am so thankful Brandy is a part of our lives. Thanks're the best!

Everyone keeps asking me if I feel better. Since I didn't even realize I was sick, it may take a few days for me to realize the difference 3 units of blood makes! My husband does say I have color in my face now, I'm guessing that's a good start. :-)

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sassy chic said...

I am glad that you are doing better...even if you didn't know you were not feeling well in the first place! 3 pints of blood is a lot of blood my friend.