Monday, June 30

Ready to go again

It was a huge effort by a lot of people but the fireworks stand is up and running again. I am such a freak when it comes to moving (which is basically what we were doing) that I wasn't much help, but between Pastor John, Pastor Pat, Pastor Lynda, and Pastor Charlie working hard and keeping the rest of the crew focused, they were able to get it done.

Part of my devastation on Saturday when the tent was about to be blown over, was the thought of having to restock the tent. It is hours, and hours and hours of work. But with everyones help we not only cleaned up the damaged product, but set out all the brand new product in just 3 hours. They also stabilized the tent during that time. (New rope, new side board, reset stakes, etc....) It was still a lot of work, but at least it didn't take 10-12 hours to get it done.

Thank you to each of the church staff, and every volunteer that help in any way. Even saying yes and being willing to help made a difference. I appreciate each one of you. Without you our church is incomplete. I love each of you and I am thankful you choose to be a part of our fellowship. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

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sassy chic said...

your welcome...the standing and pointing was such hard work but someone had to do it!