Friday, June 6

Life's not fair...

Because we recently received our accreditation and will receive our 3 star status July 1st, I did some research on the northeast corner of Oklahoma regarding child care facilities and the rates schedule that the state department regulates. The following is a nut shell of what I found out (this study covers 18 counties):

Total child care facilities 1550

2 star facilities 661

3 star facilities 71

percentage of 3 star facilities -- 5%

Oklahoma graciously allows extra money for "enhanced" counties. (you are an enhanced county if you meet certain criteria, obviously we are not located in an enhanced county or none of this would matter to me!)

25% of 3 star facilities are being paid less than 70% of the 2 star facilities in NE Oklahoma!!

This is because the formula used to create the schedule ended up allowing the 2 star facility in an enhanced county to get paid more than a 3 star facility in a standard county!

WOW! What's wrong with that picture?

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