Monday, June 9


I love to go shopping, especially when you're spending someone elses money!! My mom is changing her living room furniture and asked me to come along to help her pick out a chair to go with the sofa & love seat she picked out. It was great. Furniture is one of the funnest things to shop for, there's so much out there. You get to see all the new styles, textures, it's like an open house for a brand new home. It's so much fun!

But sad to say, I spent all her money and the fun had to come to an end, but hey, I got supper out of the deal and that's not so bad! Mom's house will look great with all her new furniture and window treatments. It's nice to see her happy and content.

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sassy chic said...

I love to shop (not) with other peoples money too! Only I want to shop for new furniture for MY house! If only I could find that someone with more money than they need and a burning desire to spend it on me....