Tuesday, July 1

Back to the Family Reunion

It's actually over now, but with all the excitement with the Fireworks Stand, I didn't take the time to blog about the reunion.

My sister's husband, her son and his wife left Sunday morning to return home. Saturday night we had Chicken Curry. That is our family tradition, when we get together we always have Chicken Curry. It was really good too. It's been a while since I've had it.

Mom never did get her house ready. My brother actually went on Sunday afternoon to pick up the furniture for her 2nd living area. I think that's actually comical since every one had left before then!! :-) Not that she shouldn't get the furniture, it's just funny that she didn't get it until after the family left!

It good to see everyone. My girls had a really good time with their cousin and his wife. I'm glad they got to spend time together. Maybe we'll do it again sometime, but hopefully not any where near the 4th of July !

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