Tuesday, July 15

Awesome Services

Martha has taken a liking to our Youth Pastor, Katie. The big joke is that if Martha doesn't show up then just have Katie start and Martha will tag team with her!! Of course Katie is horrified by the whole thing and glares at me while shaking her head in disbelief. It was great! I told the whole congregation about it yesterday from behind the pulpit. Martha was in the back enjoying every bit of it with us.

Martha is quite the lady. Without going into any details, Martha, of course, has our respect because of her reputation and because we have listened to her preaching on several occasions, but at the Sunday evening service she gave us reason to respect her even more. I know if Martha ever read this post she would be laughing because of the details I cannot publicly share, but she a woman worthy of respect and we thank her for that!

She has really ministered and we only have two more services to go. It's going to end too soon, but we must move on, we cannot stay in a stage of celebration at all times. Life must go on. Revival services must come to a close.

(For all you nit pickers, please note I said revival services, not revival itself. Each of us have a personal responsibility to maintain "revival" in our own spirit. For a debate about this go to my other blog Hindsight's 20/20)