Wednesday, July 23

More lessons on Politics

Today I learned that there are attorneys out there who lie! Wow, I know that's a big shocker for all you out there. As you know, I live a pretty sheltered life, and in my sheltered life attorneys are upstanding professionals with good ethics. Today I interacted with a lawyer who doesn't have good ethics and didn't show himself to be upstanding or a professional for that matter.

I must say, I am amazed that someone else would bold face take the credit for a decision knowing it wasn't their decision at all. What ever happen to "give credit where credit is due"? I just can't believe he told his superior at his firm that it was his idea just to make himself look good. Of course, me in my ignorance, I totally exposed him not knowing what I was doing. I thought the superior thought I was mad, and I was explaining to the superior that I wasn't mad, because it was my idea. Oops! That's when the superior told me the attorney hadn't told him it was my idea. It was my desire as the client to proceed, instead he made it look like it was his idea just to look good to his superior. Oops! You know, that attorney really should have shared with me what his plan was, because I totally made him look bad and didn't even know it!!