Thursday, July 31

Go! Go! Go!

Wow, was I busy today! I had a nice little schedule planned out. Study during the morning hours, then break for lunch with a friend, then off to take care of politic stuff in the afternoon, home by 5:00.

Yea well, that didn't quite work out.... Instead I didn't get to do any studying, I did politics from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. I drove 45 miles to get my van dropped off for some maintenance work, then 65 miles to go do politics, then back 65 miles to get my van, and then the return trip of 45 miles back home. Meanwhile, I cancelled lunch with my friend and ended up skipping lunch all together because I was busy with the politics stuff. Whew!

Next week we will go with Patrick to his new job's office. Even though Patrick will be working, I am looking forward to some time off with no e-mail, no computers, no drama, no time restraints. Just reading a book by the pool after a lovely stroll on the treadmill! (Thank goodness it's cooler up north than it is down here. I'll be thinking of you while I'm relaxing in 85 degree weather. Hope you enjoy your 98 degree weather here at home!!)