Thursday, July 10

My friend Flinging Dust

She has a blog and she banned me from it, but today I was allowed to return. I honored her decision and did not even visit her site after I found out she banned me, but a friend took up my cause (through a different blog that flinging dust visits) and the end result was the ban was lifted. I'm actually very pleased with this. I do have a desire to get to know her. I can see she is an educated woman and from what I have read she's had some pretty hard knocks in life.

I don't know how this will end, but for now I am happy to be back in her world! She has deemed me not capable of a logical thought process, (which could be true), and I believe she said I had a bag of rocks for a brain, or something like that. She also accused me of doing some kind of martyr christian thing, but no thanks, I'd rather not be crucified or tortured or have my head chopped off, etc.... I get that enough from "Christians", I certainly don't need it coming from other sources as well!

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