Thursday, July 17

My Friend Flinging Dust, Part 2

Today I have said good-bye to my newly found atheist friend. I have been swamped this week and didn't hardly have time to post much less comment on anyone elses! Today I went back to her site to comment on a question she had asked. After reading the other comments from the other atheists that visit her site, I decided that my time would be spent better elsewhere. (I'm pretty sure if you had foul language dictionary they must have used everyword in it, and that doesn't even include the incredibly crude statements they were making.) I'm sure I made her angry with my farewell statement, but on the other hand I would imagine that she'll be thrilled I'm not intruding on her world anymore.

I'm still a little sad, I truly was wanting to have an educated conversation/discussion with this woman, but I can clearly see that was never going to happen.

Good-bye Flinging Dust. Have a nice life....