Saturday, January 3

Serenity...or Surrender?

We arrived home last night from a wonderful vacation that didn't last quite long enough! I'll have to admit I'm not ready to return, but ready or not, life is rushing toward me!!

We've had a change in our daycare director and that leaves lots of opportunities to make sure we aren't missing's all the details I haven't tended to for some time now. Theres lots to take care of, but our new director is very capable and will soon have things running without me again. :-)

We also have a pastoral staff retreat coming up shortly and there's lots to plan for that as well.

Then, finally, we were given some used berber and while we were gone a few in the church laid it for us. It's a stark difference. The old carpet was green, the new carpet is cream. My walls are painted cream as well, so that is definitely going to change. So off to the paint store I will go today and we'll get the walls painted a different color. It will look so much better.

And let's not forget I'm scheduled to preach tomorrow, have a lunch appt on Monday, our new School of Ministry starts Mon night.... Like I said life is rushing toward me. So, here we go. 2009, bring it on!