Saturday, January 3

A Big Scare

Do you remember my friend Micheal? If not, he's made some bad choices and landed himself in a Teen Challenge facility in Minnesota. His parents went to visit him this weekend and left their oldest son, one of Micheal's brothers, David with some people in our church. Now why would David need to be left with people in our church? Because David had seizures when he was a toddler and had permanent brain damage.

David is now 21ish (I say "ish" because I'm not exactly sure how old he is! I'll have to check on that... :/ ) Anyway, David hasn't had a seizure for years, but since Mom and Dad were out of town, he apparently decided today was a good day to have one. Thankfully he pulled out of it on his own. He was at church tonight, a little low-key for David, but overall he seemed okay.

I cannot imagine the strain his mom and dad went through when I called and told them to check in the "sitters" and why. Hours and hours away and their son is back home having huge drama. I am so thankful we know Jesus Christ. I cannot image walking through this life with no one to lean on or help with the hard times. He is truly a Life Saver!