Thursday, October 9

My poor daughter

We went to regionals and she got nailed in the face with a softball. Sadly, by our catcher, who is a senior, is really good, and has a really strong arm. She felt terrible, poor girl. Yes, it's broken, but thankfully it's still straight!! Everything that could have went wrong, DIDN'T!! We are very blessed. So just swelling and bruising and pain. It definitely could have been worse.

It's been right at 7 days now, today the bruising is visibly starting to leave. She's backing off on the Tylenol dosage. I'll have to give her 2 thumbs up. She was a real trooper through the whole thing!

As soon as I figure out how to get the pictures off my precious little iPhone and onto my computer I have them posted for you!! :-/

I finally figured out how to download pics to my computer. Then it took me forever to remember to post them!!

The first one is at the emergency room after the game. The second one is the day after. The third one is several days later with the bruising at its worst point!