Saturday, September 27

What's happening? Does anyone know?

I have just been slammed over the past few weeks. Of course if you keep up with me you know I'd much rather be busy than sitting around with nothing to do. So although it's been crazy, it is my preferred lifestyle. :)

For those of you wondering what happening with me and new found life with politics, as you may know, the petition to request a grand jury got thrown out because we didn't have enough signatures. (big oops on our attorney's part) And although the "other side" reportedly had a victory celebration because they had "won", "winning" apparently was not enough. During this last week there was an investigation by the DA's office. To my knowledge six of the petition carriers were accused of misdeeds and turned in to the DA's office. I was included in the six. It's my understanding we were being accused of either forging signatures or allowing people to forge signatures. Of course the accusations are completely and totally without standing, but the accusations do reinforce the opinion that people wouldn't sign the petition because they were afraid there would be a retaliation. It's a little hard to believe his statement in the newspapers that he "holds no malice" toward any of us. Sure looks like malice to me, but hey, that's just my opinion!!

So, for now, I continue to support our school and other school board members by doing whatever I can to help out. Of course, I understand our school and administration are not perfect, but please point me to someone in this world who is. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. Too bad we all can't just admit our faults and be honest with ourselves and others....