Sunday, September 7

Good choices or God choices

We have been working really hard at getting out of debt. Although we still have a ways to go. I am thrilled to report we have eliminated one of our monthly bills. We took our 2007 refund and paid it off. I was so excited about the whole thing, I didn't even wait for Patrick to get home from Hawaii. I just called the creditor and took care of it.

Now we are focused on our vehicles. We have about 18 months left on both of them. My goal is to have one of them paid off in 12 months, and the other in 16 months. That means Jan of 2010 I should be reporting to you that we have both cars paid for. I think that's very doable!!

In all of this babbling please don't forget who makes this possible. Everything we have belongs to God. He allows us to keep 90% of what we earn and use it in whatever way we choose. God is blessing our choices and we are focused on continuing to make "God" choices!!

Have a great week....