Monday, July 27

Sabbatical-Day 8

Today my black and white world became a little gray!! The death of a long time church member, John, brought new bridges to cross. John has not lived in the area for sometime, but the family will return to our church for the funeral. To complicate things, Patrick is out of town until late, late, Tues night which means he won't even be able to talk to the family until shortly before the funeral at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. So, we did what we had to do. It was a little weird being back at the church and tip toeing around my conversation with our Associate Pastor. I had a million questions, and I had to choose not to ask. No way to continue winding down if I just keep rewinding myself. :-o

The last seven days have been rewarding, I have a complete peace about the things God has been talking to me about, but trust me, that Peace didn't come without me kicking and screaming for a few days. I must admit, it's so much easier to submit to God instead of holding on to our own way!!