Tuesday, July 21

Sabbatical has started!

We arrived yesterday without any problems. I immediately got busy on one of the two classes I need to finish for my ordination. Not difficult to finish, just need to spend time focused on them. :). Also started reading In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day. I had planned on starting with The Shack, but because of our schedule I had to rearrange some of my reading. This first week will be spent reading both books Mark Batterson has out. The other is Wild Goose Chase. In A Pit With A Lion On A Snow Day is already challenging me!

Here's a pic of the cabin we are staying at, well actually its a pic of the "lake" in front of the cabin!! (when does a pond become a lake??) We send a huge thanks to the Oklahoma Assemblies of God District for allowing Oklahoma Pastors to stay. It's a perfect setting for vacation/sabbatical. We couldn't have chosen a better location!! Thank You OK A/G District!!