Thursday, February 26

Game Over Thanks for Playing

My dream of television fame died a horrible death last night!!

Just kidding! I did audition for Biggest Loser at the open call in OKC, but did not get a call back. So I spent the next 4 days making a video to send in. Somehow, someway my video files got corrupted. I'm pretty good on a computer and I truly have no answer as to what on earth happened, so I'm taking it as a very clear answer that ends with a closed door!!

I had been in a dilemma as to whether or not I was to continue on this quest and go to Dallas to audition again and deliver my video with the long application. So I concluded last night when my brother couldn't fix the video either that I had my answer. I am okay with it, it's been an interesting experience, full of casting directors and filming jargon.

So here's to The Biggest Loser, thanks for giving me the opportunity and introducing me to world I didn't even know existed!!