Wednesday, February 18

The biggest loser audition

I've decided to audition for The Biggest Loser! It is this Saturday and I'm pretty nervous. I watched the show last night and all kinds of voices were screaming at me that I could never do those things and why bother, I won't win the game any way!

I choose not to listen to those voices. This is something I really want to do. I have been focused on a healthier lifestyle for several years and though I have made some progress I have not made significant progress. The Biggest Loser will give me the opportunity to make significant progress. I'm going to give it my very best, that's the most I can give. If my very best doesn't get me on the show, then it just wasn't meant to be.

I'd appreciate a prayer or two if you think of me this week. This is definitely pushing me outside my box, but I feel confident about my decision and I'm looking for positive results. :-)