Tuesday, November 18

For those you who don't know, my husband and I are Sr. Pastors, and this past Sunday was Pastor Appreciation. Now, I know, you're saying November?? Huh? Pastor Appreciation is in October!! But that's okay. We were actually the ones to postpone it. Events that were out of the control of anyone but God didn't make Pastor Appreciation very appropriate during the month of October for us at Gateway Church!! So, we postponed it until this past Sunday. :-)

It was really nice, several people gave us cards expressing their appreciation as well as gift cards for us to go on a date (which is ALWAYS a great deal!). They also spent time during the Sunday morning service taking turns passing the microphone and those who wanted to, could tell us why they appreciate us. As our associate said, it doesn't take much to make me boo-hoo, but Pastor Pat crying, that a whole different deal. He said their goal was to make him cry as well (hehe), and cry he did. It's very moving and humbling to listen to person after person talk about how God has used us to affect lives in a positive way.

Thank you to each one who expressed their appreciation in any way big or small.
We love you.