Wednesday, November 12

I am.......SUPER MOM! ! ! !

Yes, that's right. Just look to me, I can do it all. And above all else I have perfect children. If only you could all be like me....

...POP! BOOM! BANG!...

That was Utopia exploding. :-o If only I could be Super Mom.

Today I struggled with doing the right thing. I believe in setting boundaries for my kids and so all my children have boundaries. Today I wanted to bend the boundaries to protect my poor precious perfect child who was obviously being singled out. Oops...slipping again! :-) So yes, I wanted to bend the rules, help my kid out. You know, step in and do what my child couldn't do. It was all I could do, to not step in and "help out". All it would have taken was a little encouragement from the wrong voice.

But thankfully, I had good counsel, and opted to keep my mouth shut and just get through it. My child will get to learn a valuable lesson on "Life's not Fair 101" and I get to learn that teaching my child "I will fix it for him/her" isn't really helping them at all. It hurts them in the long run. In the long run, when my child can think through their problems themselves and be proactive I will be busting buttons because of how proud I am of my "independent, selfless, and mature" children.