Monday, November 3

Here we are at a turning point for our nation. The results of tomorrows election will tell all. I have a peace about my future no matter which man is elected. Although I have a firm opinion about which one I believe should be elected, I know that regardless of the outcome the One True God is in control.

There is a peace in knowing the One True God personally, that those who do not know Him can never find that peace. I invite you today to get know Him. Let Him inside your innermost being. You may surprised at the outcome!

(If you don't know Jesus Christ personally just pray and believe the following prayer!)

Jesus, I know that everyone has sinned, and I am a part of that. Please forgive me of my sins. I believe you died on the cross for me. I accept your gift of salvation. Be the Lord of my life beginning right now. Amen.

Now tell someone (you can even send me an email :->) and begin enjoying a life that has a peace that goes beyond our human understanding!