Saturday, November 29


In preparation for decorating for Christmas we needed to get some junk out of the way. So yesterday was spent reorganizing and getting rid of junk.

I have discovered that I have become way to forgiving when it comes to stuff in my house. I pretty well let the entire family do what they want with whatever they want. They never put their junk in their rooms. I decided this past week, that I have had enough. I personally declared war. Of course this means everyone thinks I'm being a hag, which is ultimately my fault, but they're just going to have to get over it. :-) Their stuff is going to their room.

I'm sooooooo tired of my house being junked up. Of course, we can make the same application for our spiritual lives. When we finally get sick of our lives being junked up, we declare war and do some serious cleaning out. Maybe you need to declare war with me!!