Wednesday, December 17

The first snow...

We had our first snow for our area. The kids have been out of school for three days now!! If you live up north it probably seems a little weird to close down just for a little bit of snow, but that how it works in the south. I have always imagined that we just don't get enough bad weather to justify having the equipment to clear the roads. I don't really know though, it's just what I have conjured up to justify their actions. :)

In the midst of all this I didn't realize we were getting so close to Christmas vacation. My kids get out Friday. Our Christmas activities will begin on Sunday and before you know it we'll be headed to Branson, MO for our own vacation. We enjoy spending time in Branson, we haven't been there in three years so we're all looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas to each of you!