Thursday, November 20


Some time ago, I suggested a blog to my readers, In The Throne Room. Today I just wanted to say how this woman, Gigi, amazes me. She has such a sweet spirit, it just emanates from her blog. I don't know how she accomplishes this, but she does!

She recently lost her husband to cancer (just over a week ago). And although she is not saying much in her blogs, that same sweet spirit is still there. My spouse is still living, so I have no idea what she must be experiencing, but I can try to imagine the heartache she must feel. And yet even in the midst of what I assume must be very painful she continues to exude peace.

Of course I know she finds her peace by looking to God and believing his word. I also know not everyone in this world does that. I was looking at some of the atheist blogs yesterday and happen to read about someone dying and the post/comments were so bitter and bland. Even though an atheist wouldn't even consider looking to what they call our imaginary friend. I am so thankful I choose to believe in the One True God. There is nothing in all the world that could convince me He doesn't exist and He doesn't love me. I believe my friend Gigi, even in her time of sorrow, would say the same thing.

Have a great day!

Gigi--we are praying for you!!