Monday, April 28

treading new waters...

I did it! Today I submitted a Letter to the Editor to our local newspapers. I have never done anything like this before, but I have decided it is past time to take a stand. I have spent two days researching, reading, making phone calls, no avail. It seems like there's nothing I can do to stop a parent/school board member from making threats to our coaches and administration.

I did request copies of minutes from the Board of Education and read the documentation of his exploits. Threats to kill coaches, "fight" the superintendent, and threats to remove coaches all because of lack of playing time for his son. Can you say WOW? It really is quite unbelievable.

But what I find even more unbelievable is that the State of Oklahoma does not have any kind of provision to have this man removed from our school board! Is that shocking or what??

I have determined that I am going to stand up for my community. I will not stand by and allow this man to bully our coaches and administration. Even if my hands are tied in all the legal ways, I can still pray. I can still pray that somehow God will intervene and take care of this for us.

Standing for my community...

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sassy chic said...

you go girl! It is surprising that there isn't any recourse for something of this sort...but when you think about it the parents are expected to set the right example, this guy missed the memo looks like!