Saturday, April 26

The Princess Bride

I hate this movie! It is my husband's favorite movie. He can quote it from beginning to end.

Surely there's someone out there that shares my opinion. I've heard about all the sites for great movie quotes and many of those include The Princess Bride. But is there someone out there who hates this movie just like I do!!

ROUS's how ridiculous is that?


sassy chic said...

I love this movie it is hilarious! Just so you know how feel. You know I am so bad at expressing my true feelings.

All about Free said...

I like the movie, the story really make me enjoy. But i mostly like to watching "MY BEST FRIEND WEDDING". I watching more than twice. :)

Pastor Pat said...

The Princess Bride is one of the all time literature classics! It is a great movie full of action, fighting, swordplay, revenge, escapes, torture, pirates, giants, and on and on... next thing you will say that "Pride and Prejudice" is a classic... she doesn't like him, then she doesn't know and then she really doesn't like him and then she really doesn't know and then she thinks she loves him and then she really doesn't know and then she is Mrs. Darcy... blah!